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CORRUGATED PLASTIC BOX - FARM BOX (Click for more details)

  • Material : PP Copolymer
  • Type : Packaging Box
  • Size : Custom-made
  • Grade : General
  • Thickness : 2 - 5 Mm
  • Usage : Agriculture, Farm, Seafood Markets

Corrugated plastic boxes with heat-seal edges, made in easy-to-assemble design, are aimed to replace the use of corrugated cardboard cartons boxes in agriculture industry. It can be cleaned and sanitized easily and used year after year saving lots of money on corrugated cardboard cartons whenever you distribute through a closed loop distribution system.

The heat-sealed edges not only strengthen the box panels, but also prevent water, dirt and contaminates or bacteria from entering the flutes. They are the best packaging solution for farm products to keep  fresh in transportation to markets and minimize long-term expenses.